About Husky’s ‘R’ us

We are thrilled you are interested in this great breed, the Siberian Husky, and we welcome you to our website. To enquire about our breeding program, or to register for adoption, please call or use our online form. Our expected litter from Ice & Thommy has arrived. Both gender puppies are available. In the coming weeks you will be able to view puppies via our Instagram @Huskysruss and also in Current Litter HIGHLIGHTS posts.

We are a family of 13 and live on a ten-acre property on the outskirts of Melbourne, Victoria. We have been breeding Siberian huskies since 2009. We derive great pleasure from these dogs, which led us to breed them. We have a good sound knowledge and understanding of the huskie breed, and invite you to meet Our Pack.

Puppy love: bonding and building a strong relationship
We are different from other breeders, before taking your pup home, we encourage and accommodate multiple bonding sessions with your new puppy. We recommend a minimum of 3 bonding sessions and even more if practical for the client.

You can bond with a puppy or dog at any age. But bonding with a young puppy and creating that bond from puppyhood is often easier. It sets the foundation for your relationship and future training. A strong bond with your dog is essential for a happy and fulfilling life together. We are here to support a strong and loving bond right from the start. The bond between you and your puppy helps them to trust you and feel safe around you. It also helps transition this new family member into your home and not miss his siblings and mum so much when leaving them. When puppies feel safe and secure, they are more likely to learn and obey commands. But bonding with your puppy is not just for training purposes. It’s also a great way to create a deep friendship. 

You will build trust with your dog if you are kind and consistent with them. Puppies love a routine and knowing what to expect. Developing a bond will help your dog learn through not only obedience training but also in the daily interactions you have with them, creating that life-long puppy connection. 

One of the most common reasons people bring a pup into their life is for companionship! The pup-human relationship is certainly a special one. It’s a fun experience to train your new puppy, play with them, and experience the world with them. The sooner you can establish a bond with your puppy, the easier it can be to communicate with them, raise them, and enjoy life together! As a registered breeder, we are responsible for breeding only purebred litters, and our litters are whelped and raised in and around our ten-acre property. We have the responsibility to do our very best to produce quality Siberian huskies that are loving family members. We offer lots of color variations, from the most commonly black and white, to red and white, and even the wolf grey. As any Siberian huskie owner can tell you, a Siberian huskie makes the perfect pet. One never owns a huskie; the huskie owns you! A Siberian huskie makes a fabulous pet and is also a wonderful friend and companion.

John and Micro enjoying a day out.

Micro was a big part of our lives.

Drone footage.

Check out the silly raw footage of Micro’s first adventure. He gave us so much love, companionship, and beautiful memories. It was such a pleasure to have Micro in our lives. He will always be remembered in our hearts.

See Micro howl.