We are extremely proud of the feedback we have received over the years about the quality of our huskies and our commitment to their success. Below are a few testimonials from our happy customers.


“I wanted to formally state my gratitude to you as masterful pedigree breeders of Siberian Huskies at Huskys ‘R’ Us. Your gentle guidance, years of understanding of the breed and consistent support set myself and my partner Sam up for success as novice dog owners. You were there for us with the typical ups & downs of raising a high energy working dog; and when unexpected emergencies arose you were a solid pillar of support. Thank you so much for being there for us.

Adopting our two Husky dogs from you, Maya and Strider, has been one of the best decisions we have made as individuals and as a new couple. Both our huskies are healthy, intelligent and superior pedigrees; we are constantly approached by strangers who remark how well-mannered and beautiful our dogs are. The love and companionship we experience with our dogs is indescribable and our Huskies have made us both more compassionate and resilient individuals.

Thank you so much for your support, for raising beautiful, healthy Huskies and for creating a friendly and considerate Husky community.

I would recommend to anyone interested in adopting a Siberian Husky to meet and adopt their next ‘family member’ with you at Huskys ’R’ Us.”


Alia & Sam, St. Leonards, Victoria (Purchased 2020 and 2022)


“Hudson our amazing furbaby came to live with us in December 2021. Linda & John at Huskysrus, vetted us before we even went on the puppy waiting list. This was professional and so reassuring that they are responsible breeders who love their animals and operate ethically. We had very specific requirements in regards to our new fur baby’s markings and when we reached the top of the queue we were stunned to see pictures of our new puppy at just a few days old. Linda and John used social media Snapchat to ensure that we and all the other new parents could see their furbabies each and every day. We all got to witness our puppies bonding with their siblings and watched in glee as the puppies’ personalities developed. The diet Linda & John feed them is amazing and you know that your puppy is always going to be healthy receiving everything they need in terms of enrichment. Linda & John handle the puppies and socialize them so that when you receive your furbaby they are happy and well-adjusted little babies. From the very beginning when we were given previous litters’ Instagram accounts and frequently updated about our place on the puppy waiting list. When our puppy was born we felt as if we were there every step of the way, watching him daily on Snapchats and also getting to WhatsApp face time with him at 4 weeks. Although we don’t live in Melbourne and couldn’t get to visit Hudson due to Covid restrictions but we felt very much connected with him due to the care and thoughtfulness of Linda & John’s daily Snapchats. Little surprises throughout our days of waiting for Hudson to come home. It was a joy to watch and laugh at the puppies’ capers. Amazing Huskysrus are the best. We highly recommend the puppies and the whole experience from the initial conversation to transporting our puppy to our door. Sending toys with his mum’s sent to comfort him when he arrived to-up ca the calls to check on settling in of our new furbaby and also the extensive information provided to ensure you have all you need for your husky puppy. We pretty much communicate with Huskysrus via Instagram every day. There is so much love showered on all of the huskies by Linda & John.”

Hudson on Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Snapchat & Facebook: @hudson_snowdog

S. Henderson, Queensland (Purchased 2021)


“I had been wanting for a husky for the better part of 14 years. When everything finally fell into place, and I had the chance to get one, I browsed online to find HuskysRus which hands down was the best choice my partner and I could have made. John and Linda have been nothing but welcoming and helpful in every aspect of owning a husky. In the beginning, if we had any questions, they said they were only a phone call away which was incredibly relieving for first-time dog parents. We couldn’t recommend nicer people to deal with. They really helped turn our house into a home when we carried Chief through the front door for the first time. He is a happy, healthy, and very spoilt boy who has enriched our lives more than we imagined possible.”

IG: master_chief_the_husky

Vince & Julia, B., Carrum Downs, Victoria (Purchased 2019)

“We purchased our beautiful black and white husky from Linda and John and we could not speak more highly of these lovely people. Our husky Subi was born in December 2016. John and Linda have been amazing through the entire process from even before Subi was born, and are still helpful now that we have taken him home. We met John and Linda months before any of the dogs had fallen pregnant and after seeing how well they had all been brought up we were excited to purchase our first husky from them. John and Linda allowed us to come pretty much every weekend to see Subi and made us feel very welcome and comfortable. They have been very helpful and have been a delight to deal with.”

If you would like to see some more photos of Subi visit: https://www.instagram.com/subithehusky/

Scott & Treanna, M., Frankston, Victoria (Purchased 2017)

“After the sudden and unexpected loss of our best husky mate Raven back in March 2016, Vicki and I decided we needed the company of another Husky, having an adult cat in the house ruled out a rescue dog, so we began the search for a puppy. After talking to several breeders of Huskies & Malamutes, I came across Huskysrus one day while surfing the net. I spoke to John about our previous husky, and that we were looking for another Husky to raise from puppy stage. It was obvious from the initial questions John asked me, and subsequent telephone conversations I had, that John cared very much for his dogs and the pups they produced. Huskys being a very active breed, John was keen to make sure I knew what was involved. He was very keen to make sure the puppies all were going to a good home, where they would be cared for and loved. We arranged to head out to meet John and Linda, and the amazing husky clan and the puppies. As soon as Vicki picked up Loki (as we later named him), I knew he was for us. He was the largest male of the litter with a beautiful cuddly nature. We decided there and then to take him when he was old enough. On the way home, Vicki and I agreed that it would be nice for Loki to have a brother to grow up with as company while we worked. So we decided on Fenrir, the slightly smaller brother. Just over 4.5 months old the boys are growing fast! Loki looking more like his father and Fen his Mother, both beautiful dogs with beautiful loving, if not sometimes a bit naughty natures. They are Huskys after all. We could not be happier with our 2 boys and the love and attention shown to them by John and Linda before we brought them home. Also looking after them again for us when we had a week’s pre-planned holiday. We would highly recommend Huskysrus to anyone who is contemplating getting Husky puppies from John and Linda. John still calls to check on the boys and us. We are very happy customers, and Huskysrus are a refreshing change to the breeders who only breed to show. It was important for us to meet the Mum and the Dad of the puppies, I didn’t want puppies bred from an overseas sire.”

Gary & Vicki D., Frankston, Victoria (Purchased 2016)

“We have now been lucky enough to select two beautiful Siberian Huskies from John at HuskysRus over a 3 year period (Mia – almost 4yo and Finn – 18wks old). The care that John shows for his pups from day one is remarkable and both of our huskies have been the most well natured animals you can imagine once we have been able to take them home. Both of our Huskies have amazing and healthy coats plus very striking markings and they have never had any health issues whatsoever. John’s willingness to listen to exactly what we were after in our pups (markings etc.) and allowing us to meet and become accustomed with both parents made the experience so much more fulfilling. John goes out of his way to allow you to meet with your pup as many times as you like in the first 8 week period, and makes sure your pup is brought up in a manner befitting the breed. We would definitely recommend anyone to John and HuskysRus, and we will continue to stay in touch with them over the journey we have our gorgeous huskies.”

Ryan W., Jolimont, Victoria (Purchased 2012-2015)

“John and Linda made being a first time Husky owner so simple. With their advice and tips on training, grooming and personalities of a Husky, Milo has become one of the most special family members. It is great to see breeders stay in touch and appreciate watching puppies from their litters grow into such beautiful dogs. Thank you for everything, John and Linda!”

Ashlin C., Palmerston, NT (Purchased 2012)

“I brought my pure bred Siberian husky from John and Linda 3 years ago. They went out of their way allowing me to come and visit Kobee whenever I wanted, before I was actually able to pick him up – letting me sit in the pen with him for hours on end. They were very helpful with information for what was best for me, and my new best mate. To this day, I still keep in contact with John and Linda, and bring Kobee up for play dates with his mum and dad. The way they look after their dogs and puppies are in excellent conditions. I wouldn’t recommend anyone higher than Husky’s R U because not only did they give me my best friend, they are sensational breeders and people!”

Bronwyn W., Airport West, Victoria (Purchased 2012)

“It’s great to see you have your website up and running! Having a pup (Mia) from your first Husky litter 6 years ago, it’s great to see that others will have a chance to own a quality husky as a new family member. Our baby girl Mia is 6 years old now, and in typical Husky fashion, is still as loving as ever. She’s still loves to learn and display her collection of tricks to others, with her intelligence and looks getting her so many compliments everywhere we go. Thank you both for your after sale care, all your advice over the years, and the genuine love you have for this breed.”

Andrew S., Caroline Springs, Victoria (Purchased 2009)


“I first contacted John about a husky puppy in May 2021 and after visiting the pack and meeting John and Linda I confirmed a husky puppy was for me. Aspen was born in December 2021 to Sugar and the process was one that I am grateful for. I got daily Snapchat updates on the puppies so we could watch them grow over the 8 week period, which made me feel a part of the family. Being able to visit Aspen multiple times a week for bonding sessions, and the knowledge passed on by John and Linda during those bonding sessions made the transition to taking Aspen home that much easier and stress-free. I got a real understanding of what I needed in preparation for taking Aspen home and catch up phone calls to see how she and I were doing. I can see the love John and Linda have for their huskies and it made the experience of adding a new addition to my family such a positive one, and could not recommend them enough.”

IG: Aspen_husky_2021

Jonathan, K., Derrimut, Victoria (Purchased 2021)


“It can be daunting when you arrive at the decision to adopt a puppy. Whether you’re an experienced dog owner or a first-time adopter, it’s lovely to have support. With Husky’s R Us, we certainly felt supported and welcomed into the family. It was such a great experience to share in the daily activities of our growing puppy through daily Snapchats. We couldn’t wait to take Shadow home and spying on her through Linda’s Snapchat’s helped us get our ‘fix’. Being able to visit and bond with Shadow as a puppy whenever we wanted was also so important to her transition into our home and bonding with us early on. Lliam and I have both never owned a Husky before and had regular questions about food, behavior, and activities. It was such a relief to have Husky’s R Us just a phone call away to help us work through any questions and ease our minds. Now that we have settled into Husky adventure life we still love visiting Shadow’s puppy family at Huskys R US. We really appreciate being able to visit Shadow’s birth mum any time we can, and so does Shadow. She’s is a blessing to our lives. She’s cheeky, bossy, and adorable. She has helped us connect with new friends in the community and our adventures will never be the same again. Seeing the world through Shadow’s eyes brings us so much joy! We are forever grateful to Husky’s R Us.”

IG: Shadowthehusky_official

Dana, N. & Lliam, M., Glen Iris, Victoria (Purchased 2020)

“We were incredibly impressed with not only the facilities at Husky’s R Us, but also the way in which John and Linda conducted their business. We first visited them in April 2018, when we were invited to their property to get to know the pack. Our first impression of their property was how spacious and clean it was. The huskies had plenty of space to run and play as well as providing safe and secure enclosures. It was clear on arrival that they loved their huskies, and only wanted the best home for their puppies. John and Linda took the time to get to know us and our lifestyles in order to determine if a husky would be the right dog for us. Throughout our journey, they invited us to their property as often as we could, to start building that special bond with our new pup. It was a wonderful experience.”

Michelle & Dean, N., Doreen, Victoria (Purchased 2018)

“We are proud owner’s of two male Huskys purchased from Husky’s ‘R’ Us in 2016 and 2018. We discovered the business upon doing research on the internet in search of a reputable breeder. From the moment we first contacted the owner’s, John and Linda have been nothing but accommodating and excellent to deal with. After selecting our first puppy Dexter from his litter we were welcomed back to their home as often as we liked, we have kept in frequent contact with John and Linda. In addition to that we were invited back for Dexter’s litter’s birthday and it was amazing to see all of our dogs running around playing together while we enjoyed a BBQ. Since then, we have purchased a second puppy, Zephyr, in early 2018. Again, our experience was nothing but enjoyable. Both of our dogs have amazing, loving temperaments as is a credit to Husky’s ‘R’ Us for raising the pups in a loving environment for the first part of their life before they go to their new home. Our boys Dexter & Zephyr bring so much joy into our lives, and it is wonderful to be able to share all of our happiest moments with a breeder who truly cares for their animals.”

IG: _the huskybrothers

Ebony & Dylan, F., Colac, Victoria (Purchased 2016 and 2018)

“It really was an absolute joy dealing with Linda and John. They answered all of our many questions (Sven is our first dog and Schnoot our 2nd). They helped us get our heads around bringing home a husky. Our dogs are simply gorgeous. Every time we take them for a walk, people stop and stare. They have the most amazing personalities and have brought so much joy to our lives. Thank you both so much for such amazing dogs.”

IG: sven_and_schnoot

Joel & Joseph, R., Mt Martha, Victoria (Purchased 2018)

“My family and I purchased a husky, now named Neo from John & Linda at Husky’s ‘R’ Us in October 2017. Neo has become part of our family (we have 2 x sons aged 10 & 12), and he is the sweetest dog you would ever meet. Neo’s smart, friendly and loving and just wants to play and meet people and other dogs. Linda and John love their dogs so much and know every detail about each one of them and their litters. We took Neo today to meet up with the siblings from his litter and Neo’s mum, dad, and grandma for the pup’s first birthday – what fun we all had. They’re all extremely well looked after dogs, and their pups are carefully placed into homes of owners who love and dote on them – just as Linda and John do. I highly recommend them as both dog breeders, and as genuinely good people When you deal with Linda and John, you get to know and care for the whole pack.”

IG: _neo_the_husky_

Nikki C. H., Albert Park, Victoria (Purchased 2017)

“We couldn’t be happier with our beautiful dog Beau, who we purchased from John at Husky’s R Us in early 2015. Our whole experience with John was easy and straight forward. We had specific needs in getting Beau as he was to be joining our already 5 year-old husky, Jetta. We were so happy when we were able to meet Beau’s Mum, Mishka, and see how placid and friendly she was. John was able to give us all the information we needed before taking our new pup home. Beau has settled into our home seamlessly. He is growing like a champion, has a beautiful temperament, is intelligent, and best of all, has become a great friend to our other dog, Jetta.”

Jai & Jessica W., Taralgon, Victoria (Purchased 2015)

“We got our beautiful boy Kadaj through Husky’s R Us, and he’s a happy, healthy part of our family. Couldn’t be more grateful with how many updates and visits we got to have before we could take him home.”

James R., Glenroy, Victoria (Purchased 2015)

“We have been delighted with our Husky Jax. He has added so much to our sons’ lives. We waited till our boys were 14 and 17 before giving in and getting the dog. We could not imagine not having him now. Thanks for an absolutely stunning animal with the greatest personality – he is human! Your guidance and support as first time dog owners was invaluable. We felt comfortable and confident the moment we met you and Linda. Thanks again.”

Karen H., Essendon, Victoria (Purchased 2015)

“Storm was born on the 28-10-14. We first met Storm, our new family member, just before the New Year. His bright blue eyes and chubby little face just melted our hearts. We knew that he was the one to complete our family. Storm now weighs 25kg, and is the most loving relaxed huskie I have ever met. He was a breeze to train, and such a BIG sook when it comes to cuddles. I would like to say a BIG thank you to John. Not only the way he brought Storm up, starting with his parents, but also his expertise on the breed, and with helping us through absolutely everything, given this was our first huskie. As for recommending a breeder, I can not speak highly enough about Husky’s R Us. From the very start, I felt comfortable and really welcomed into his family of huskies. I am still in contact with John, just to chat about Storm, and send current updated photos and stories about his life.”

Alex T., Chrinside Park, Victoria (Purchased 2014)